Top Year Six Leavers Assembly Ideas

As an event filled with happy memories, leavers assemblies help Year Six pupils end their primary school journey on a high before starting their next schooling adventure.
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What is a Nativity Play?

Now summer has officially ended (*cue the sad face*) we turn our attention to the most festive time of the year! And in amongst the busy shops, copious wrapping paper and catchy jingles played on repeat on the radio, teachers will be biting their nails in anticipation of the annual primary school nativity playSo, what exactly is a nativity play?

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What is The Nativity Story?

As nativity plays have been, and still are, so prevalent within schools in the UK, many will already have a grasp on the nativity story, or at least the main elements, such as the stories told in our KS1 nativity story plays. Nevertheless, if you’re not 100% confident with what the nativity story is or just need a quick refresher before December approaches, have a read of our quick guide.
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How To Put On A School Musical – The Ultimate Guide

From picking the most suitable school production to roping in as many members of the school community you can to help make it actually happen, this is your ultimate guide to putting on a school musical as seamlessly as possible. Get ready to raise the roof!
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The 10 Best and Most Popular Musicals for Schools

Who doesn’t love a fun-filled, heart-bursting, action-packed and, at times, wonderfully cheesy musical? From dancing in the aisles to singing along to catchy songs at the top of your voice, we defy anyone to sit through an entire musical straight laced and straight faced. It’s the ultimate pick-me-up – quite frankly, it should be renamed ‘Happy Hour’ - and even more so if it’s performed by happy, enthusiastic children excited to put on a show for their parents, grandparents and extended family.

But how do you choose the best musical for your school? Check out our top ten Best And Most Popular School Musicals. These fantastic productions are ready and waiting for you and will have you humming the tunes all the way through to the summer holidays. Happy choosing!

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