Directing The School Musical? Get The Kids To Do The Work!

For those taking on a leavers' musical, you might think that stress and a whole load of extra work come hand in hand with directing the school show. But does it really need to be like this? Of course not. It should be joyful, exciting and immensely satisfying. And not just for the kids!

Which means we need to find a way of making it just so. By choosing a show with a story we love, songs we adore and characters that children will enjoy playing – so much so that they don’t need to be nagged to learn their lines!

Because that’s the real trick to staging a successful show. Get the kids to do the work for you! The more excited they are and the more invested they are in it, the easier the whole process becomes. When lines are learned, song lyrics are known, story understood and characters engaged with, it literally is a matter of putting it on stage and letting them bring it to life.

So, what to do first? Well, start by choosing the right show for you, one that ticks all of your boxes. Here are some things to consider:

- How long do you want it to be?

- How many songs?

- What’s the size of the cast?

- Does the story grab you?

- Do you love the songs?

Each of our leavers' musicals gives you plenty of information on the website to help you make your decision, including song clips and script samples.

Next, make things as easy as possible to get started. Add the editable script to your basket, allowing you to make any edits that you need to the script to help it fit your cast. Request the complementary abridged version to give you a shorter option in case you’re pushed for time. Include the digital downloads so that all the music is on your computer or phone, to go with the book and CD that comes as standard.

Then, when the book comes through and you start to think about who should play which character, take a look at our “Characters By Lines” pages, giving you a short description on each character and the number of lines that each has. The character profiles are also great ways to get the children investing in their parts and making the characters their own.

After that, it’s just a case of revealing the show to the kids, drawing them into the story, letting them hear the songs and learn about the characters, and allowing their own enthusiasm for stories and their own wonderful imaginations to build up momentum right to the day of the performance.

But if that doesn’t work, call us and let us help. Or even book in a workshop. After all, you want your show to be as stress-free and fun as possible. And so do we.

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