Year Six Have Missed a Lot, but They Shouldn’t Miss Out

All school children will, in one way or another, have been affected by the events of the last few months. Some children, or members of their family, may have been directly affected by Covid-19: the majority, by the nature of society’s response to the pandemic. For Year Six children, building towards the final phase of their primary education, it will undoubtedly have heightened a whole range of emotions that all children feel when they move from one chapter of their life to another.

Most Year Six children have probably been at their school for seven years! They will likely feel huge affection for it, both as a physical space and as a place which has provided them with such wonderful experiences, great friends and memorable moments. And now they are coming to the end of their time there, and preparing to make, at least for many, the first of life’s big transitions as they move to secondary school. This is a huge moment for them, daunting and exciting in equal measure. But it is vital that they have the chance to say a proper farewell and a proper thank you before they go.

And it is for this reason that we have made our two leavers packs (the Leavers Celebration Assembly Pack and the Leavers Songs Pack) available free of charge to all schools. Not only are schools under the pump with the constantly shifting logistics that they are having to negotiate, but many are also under real financial pressure. We don’t want any to miss out on celebrating their Year Six leavers, and hope that, by providing a fully editable script as well as six possible leavers songs, we can help make the process a little easier for those frantically trying to pull things together with little time and all manner of other challenges.

The last few months will never be forgotten, but for Year Six children, hopefully what they will remember is a wonderful end to their time at primary school, a brilliant leavers assembly, inspiring leavers songs, and a time of celebration in which they demonstrated their pride in their school and their thanks for all that it has done for them.


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