Why Use Assembly Resources and Assembly Songbooks?

Our assembly songbooks are designed to make things as easy possible for the busy teacher or headteacher. To that end, each assembly and it accompanying song has been conceived so that it can be delivered on each and every day of the school year, with minimum preparation time and minimal fuss.

Covering themes such as the school community, giving thanks, taking pride in our work, building friendships, celebrating differences and seeking support, our assembly resources are perfect for addressing spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and PSHE topics.

Each assembly has a clear objective, needs little preparation, and centres around a particular story, activity or concept. Each song can be sung with or without the supporting vocals on the CD, or played on the piano from the simply-arranged sheet music at the back of the book. Of course, each assembly could also be delivered without the song; similarly, each song without the assembly.

The assemblies and songs have been broadly divided into three categories:

About Us

These consider the individual, their feelings, the challenges they face, the talents they have and the friendships they make.

About The Community

These consider the nature, purpose and composition of the school community, as well as other communities in which the children might be involved.

About The World

These explore themes and topics of a more global scale: the wonders of the world, the challenges of establishing peace, the opportunities brought about by each new day.

But there is plenty of crossover between the categories too, with lessons learned in one assembly or song reinforced elsewhere, or where themes are spread across a number of different assemblies. Thus, you may on occasion wish to pair an assembly with a different song altogether, whatever you feel works best.

We hope our primary school assembly resources make things really easy for the teachers, serving as a great time-saver whilst providing the children with inspiring, enjoyable and informative assemblies.


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