Choosing The Right School Musical

Choosing and putting on a school musical, a leavers musical, a Christmas show or a nativity is far from easy. Those of us who have been through the process will know the many highs and lows, the stresses and strains, the do’s and don’ts.

Selecting the right school musical is completely and utterly vital!

The story needs to be great, the music brilliant, the length suitable, the number of characters appropriate: lines need to be distributed effectively, staging needs to be manageable, props makeable and costumes simple!

Most importantly of all, the play needs to matter! It needs to have something worthwhile to say and it needs to say it through the perfect mix of comedy and drama.

Over the last year we have written three brand new musicals which embody this philosophy. Combining gripping stories, wonderful characters and catchy, contemporary songs, ‘Paws And Claws’, ‘Pantastic’ and ‘Doctor Dolittle And The Monkey Mayhem’ have been conceived and crafted with the sole intention of being the perfect piece of musical theatre for 9-13 year olds.

So take a look at the scripts, have a listen to the songs and watch the videos. We hope you love staging them as much as we enjoyed writing them.  

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