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Workshops are great for creating a real buzz about the production. They help pupils with their awareness of the plot, characters and themes, and give them a sense of ownership over the process.

We offer two types of workshops for schools, both delivered by writer, teacher and Stagecoach tutor Tom Kirkham who has 15 years of experience, including 8 as a Head of Drama teaching students aged 8-18. As the writer of the plays, obviously he knows them inside out and can offer a unique insight into their creation and possibilities.

Please email to chat through your needs.



Each of our workshops for schools will be tailored to meet the requirements of your particular production. We will talk through with you the composition of the sessions and priority areas you would like covered, but as a guide, see the sample workshop below.

Warm Ups and Projection Exercises

A fun starter to the workshop aimed at helping everyone to feel comfortable and getting students to develop confidence in projecting their voices.


Practical exploration of the play’s storyline using each and every member of the group, with particular focus on key moments, turning points and ending.

Character Exploration

Practical activities to explore how to approach playing different characters, including lots of fun physical and vocal exercises.

Staging Ideas and Experimentation

Focusing on one or two key scenes, a practical exploration of different ways to stage the same moment in the play and the effect that this has.



The full day workshop will cover the same as the half-day but with the following additions:

Musical Exploration

Music workshops for schools, especially those without a music specialist, can be highly useful. This are would involve discussion, rehearsal and performance (sung and staged) of 1-2 songs from the play.

Rehearsal/Directing Techniques

Practical session exploring different approaches to rehearsals, using both on-text and off-text activities.


Please note, reasonable travel costs will also need to be covered.


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