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Ages 9-13

Paws and Claws

Ages 9-13

Doctor Dolittle And The Monkey Mayhem

Ages 8-13

A very warm welcome to The School Musicals Company, writers and publishers of school musicals for 8-13 year olds and highly suitable for drama clubs and youth theatres.

Founded in January 2017 by Matthew Crossey and Tom Kirkham, The School Musicals Company has set about changing the landscape of traditional musicals for schools, offering beautifully presented, carefully crafted, engaging and exciting stories with catchy, contemporary songs perfectly pitched to enthuse and inspire young performers. Where a school musical may once have been short on style and slim on substance, we recognise that children grow up quickly and have sophisticated and wide-ranging tastes, exposed as they are to a vast array of music, literature, television and film, not to mention the internet. Our musicals for schools and drama groups are designed to reflect the interests of their participants, telling stories to which they can relate and providing performance opportunities which are challenging yet achievable and immensely rewarding. The songs are fully orchestrated, professionally recorded and integral to the production, driving the narrative and enhancing the action.

For a school musical to be deemed successful, inclusivity is vital. We believe in providing as many chances to as many children as possible. Each of our musicals provides over 30 named speaking parts, innumerable ensemble opportunities, and guidance (including suggested names themselves) on how to increase the number of parts for a larger cast. We also include a range of activities for the classroom, helping all pupils to feel enthused about the production and important to the process.

We firmly believe that children are capable of telling wonderful stories in a creative and dynamic manner. Our musicals are full of drama, humour, emotion, tension and pathos, all wrapped up in an hour long piece of theatre. We keep the staging simple, aware of the financial, spatial and logistical restrictions under which schools have to operate. Rehearsals are made easier by the thoughtful composition of the scenes and the division of the cast into groups. We also provide a wealth of material to help both director and actors, including character profiles, scene summaries, audition suggestions, characters in each scene, costumes and make-up guidance, props list, song notes and a glossary of unusual/challenging terms within the script.

School musicals should be the most rewarding of all school adventures, something of which the school and parents can be rightly proud. But the whole process should also be as enjoyable and as stress-free as possible. By creating musicals intended to capture the imagination of the children, we also aim to ease the process for the teachers at the helm. And don’t forget, we are always at the end of the phone should you need further guidance and support.

So, enjoy browsing the site; peruse the script samples, listen to the song clips, watch the videos and read the blogs. Our passion for what we do is, we believe, reflected in the school musicals we have to offer and will doubtlessly be reflected in passionate and enthusiastic productions by young people up and down the country.

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How To Prepare For A Show-Stopping Primary School Musical

When it comes to staging musicals for children, there really are hundreds, no, thousands, of questions to answer: how long do we need for rehearsals, what music shall we use for auditions, who’s taken the CD player, which afternoons will clash with football/netball/choir/jujitsu? The poor director could be forgiven for wanting to run screaming for the hills, yet inevitably they put on a brave face, stick their shoulders back, grab yet another cup of coffee and dive right on in. And, more often than not, their efforts are rewarded in wonderful primary school musicals which leave cast and audience beaming.

There are, of course, numerous tried and tested tricks to increase the likelihood of your musical being an absolute show-stopper.

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