Autumn & Harvest Assembly Songs

Harvest assembly songs are the perfect way to celebrate the harvest festival season during the autumn term. Singing harvest school songs is a fun and special way to bring everyone together and give thanks for the food we eat and those involved in its creation.

Our catchy harvest festival songs are guaranteed to add energy and excitement to your harvest celebrations. Harvest assembly song packs contain original harvest songs for KS1 and KS2 students, along with readings, poems and editable scripts.

To find the perfect harvest festival songs for your primary school, explore our songbooks below.

Our 7 Favourite Harvest School Songs

  1. ‘Big Blue Tractor’ by Niki Davies
    A catchy, toe-tapping song that younger children in particular will love.
  2. ‘Harvest Tango’ by Matthew Crossey and Tom Kirkham
    Perfect for primary school students, the Harvest Tango is a funny and exciting song that will energise the whole assembly.
  3. ‘Harvest Moon’ by Niki Davies
    Teach children about the beauty of the harvest moon with this much-loved song from Niki Davies.
  4. ‘Hurry Up Harvest’ by Niki Davies
    This is a joyful harvest song that will excite the students and keep them engaged.
  5. ‘The Harvest Pumpkin’ by Matthew Crossey and Tom Kirkham
    A fun and catchy song that teaches children about how their food is grown.
  6. ‘What The Harvest Brings’ by Tom Kirkham and Matthew Crossey
    An upbeat number that drives home an important harvest message - giving thanks for your food and not letting food go to waste.
  7. ‘Sing Of The Harvest Journey' by Tom Kirkham and Matthew Crossey
    Celebrate the harvest story with this beautiful, bubbly song that will round off your assembly perfectly.

You can listen to samples of all of our harvest festival songs by clicking on the harvest songbooks above.

Choosing Your Harvest Assembly Song Book

Our harvest songs for primary school will help you to organise an exciting harvest festival assembly with ease. The ‘Harvest Songs’ and ‘Harvest Festival’ song packs feature brilliant harvest school songs that everyone will enjoy.

For a complete harvest assembly, explore our new 'Let's Get Singing Harvest' songbook, with 13 original songs, a fully adaptable script, readings, poems and reflections. Or, try the ‘Harvest Festival’ song pack, with four harvest festival songs, a selection of readings and poems, and a fully editable digital script. This will allow you to easily customise the assembly for your students.

We also have a collection of PSHE songbooks that feature harvest assembly songs for KS2 and KS1, along with a range of other uplifting and educational assembly songs that cover key themes and events throughout the year, including Christmas and Easter.

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