Spring & Easter Assembly Songs

Spring assembly songs are a wonderful way to celebrate the joy and excitement we all feel as the new season blooms. Likewise, Easter assembly songs are a fun and engaging way for students to learn about this festive time of year.

Our delightful spring assembly songs have been especially composed for primary school students between ages 5 and 11. Each of our books contains spring songs for KS1 and KS2, so you can easily enjoy the music across multiple year groups.

These resourceful assembly packs come with a special 100% discount code. With all the toe-tapping tunes included in these packs your assemblies can now be fun-filled and memorable for all!

Discover our primary school Easter songs and spring assembly songs below.


Choosing Your Spring Assembly Songs

Our primary school Easter and spring song packs come with high quality vocal tracks, backing tracks, lyrics and sheet music. This will help you to organise an exciting and lively assembly in an efficient and fuss-free way.

We offer a brilliant mix of engaging Easter and spring assembly songs, so you can choose if you want to put more focus on the season of spring or the Easter festivities without compromising on quality of song. Additionally, the great spring offer gives you access to all these wonderful resources, to put on a captivating school assembly for all children, at no cost with the special discount code.

We also offer PSHE songbooks featuring an array of songs that would work nicely as spring songs for KS2 and KS1 as we consider the changes that take place during this time of year. PSHE songbooks come with accompanying assembly ideas and music that covers other important topics and events in the year, such as Christmas and the Harvest.

Our Favourite Easter and Spring Assembly Songs

  • ‘Our Wonderful World’ by Niki Davies
    A rythmic track which celebrates the beauty all around us and the wonders of nature.

  • ‘Hot Cross Bunny’ by Niki Davies
    An Easter-themed melody that is fun, energetic and will have all the children singing along joyously.

  • ‘Proud Of Our School’ by Matthew Crossey and Tom Kirkham
    A beautiful track that can be adapted to a school anthem, this tune is a popular addition to any school assembly.

  • ‘Because It’s Spring’ by Niki Davies
    The arrival of a new pleasant season is perfectly translated into cheerful tunes through this song.

  • ‘Flower Power’ by Niki Davies
    Energy, joy and new life are the major themes of this upbeat track. A definite foot-tapper, this song will be a great addition to a spring assembly.

  • ‘In The Easter Garden’ by Niki Davies
    A wonderful celebration of the resurrection of Christ, this tune paints a picture of the scenes of joy and cheer that take place in society.

  • ‘Peace Prayer’ by Niki Davies
    A thoughtful track designed to remind everyone to think about other people around them and wish them all well with good thoughts and prayers. Positivity and good energy are in abundance with this melody.

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