Musicals for Primary Schools

We have a growing selection of award-winning primary school musicals, all designed to engage and enthuse children. The wonderful array of unique characters, catchy songs, entertaining scripts and relevant themes makes our primary school musicals a brilliant choice and an opportunity to produce quality drama which pupils, teachers and parents alike will love.

For us, musicals for primary school children deserve even better stories, rounded characters and toe-tapping songs than you would get in musicals for adults. The enthusiasm, creativity and energy that primary school children bring to a production can lead to truly wonderful theatre, but it all starts with the right script and a tale worth telling.

Click on our musicals for primary schools below to learn about each title, listen to song clips and view script samples:

Finding the Right Musical for Children to Perform

Our collection of musicals for primary school children is diverse and full of exciting tales to tell. Of course, these musicals have been designed especially for children to perform and they are perfect for kids between 7 and 13 years old.

What’s more, our musicals work well with a range of cohort sizes, so you can tailor the script to suit your primary school. Some of our primary musicals, like Who’s Your Mummy? and Kitty Whittington, also come with a complimentary abridged version of the script, enabling you to make your musical shorter if desired.

We have primary school plays and musicals which are perfect for supporting what the children are learning in school. For example, Bamboozled explores the place of animals in a human world and Plastic Pirates carries an important and very topical environmental message. We also have musicals which are perfect for Year 6 leavers assemblies or Christmas nativities.

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