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The Question Is – Is Drama The Answer?

Teachers are constantly on the look out for new approaches to engage children with their learning, to put across information in an original way or to tackle challenging topics. We all know that pupils learn well when they are enjoying what they are doing, when they are stimulated and active, when they can get out from behind their desks! Used well, drama, singing and music have the potential to revolutionise learning, not to mention adding interest and (potentially) respite for the busy, multi-tasking teacher.
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A School Musical Is The Teacher’s Everest

Schools really are astonishing places, and teachers, teaching assistants and school leaders really are the most remarkable of people. These plate-spinning professionals multitask every moment of the day out of sheer necessity, serving as educators, performers, researchers, mentors, counsellors, administrators, writers, artists, designers, at times even as police officers. The days are frenetic and relentless; time is not their own, it belongs to the children, their parents, their colleagues. And yet, somehow, some of these people manage – and are willing - to introduce a whole new level of busyness into their lives when they agree to take on the school musical.
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Top Tips From Niki Davies On Staging A Nativity Musical

With her new nativity musical, Follow The Star, now available, much-loved writer and composer Niki Davies provides some handy guidance on all things nativity.

It all begins, as you would expect, with choosing an accessible nativity which the children themselves are going to enjoy performing.

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Niki Davies Launches Brand New Nativity

This is my first published nativity for two years and one I’ve been trying to write for some time. It captures the magic of the nativity story nicely, has a wonderful array of characters in an ever-growing caravan of followers. I also think that the songs are some of my very best which hopefully the children and the audience will love.

Listen to song clips, read the synopsis and peruse script samples from Follow The Star.
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It Is Not Too Early To Buy The School Nativity

Let’s face it; summer is over. Sigh. Sad-faced emoji. Hashtag ‘gutted’. Gloomy picture of a rainy beach on Instagram. Er, yes, it was over pretty much as soon as it had begun. And if you missed the two weeks in June when temperatures soared, well at least you avoided the discomfort of sunburn. But with Autumn creeping into sight, at least it will finally be okay to have a cosy log-fire, or the central heating back on without that lingering sense of guilt which accompanies such actions in late summer.

And with the nights drawing in, it is also okay to start thinking about the school nativity. Yes, honestly, it really is, even if the word itself has you making a beeline for the nearest full bottle of Merlot (a nice Autumnal drink!). But wait, resist, stop and think; you might just be able to make your life a whole lot easier. And here’s why.

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