Nativity Story KS1

Staging the Nativity Story for KS1 students is an age-old tradition for many primary schools. Our collection of nativity titles tells the classic Nativity Story and conveys the events surrounding the birth of Jesus in a straightforward and heart-warming way.

From angels and animals to shepherds and kings, our nativity plays encompass all the classic elements you would expect to find in the Nativity Story for KS1. Performing the Nativity Story is a fun and engaging way for young children to learn about the importance of this festive tale!

The classic Christmas story is placed front and centre in our productions, accompanied as always with festive songs that are perfectly pitched for primary school children. Plus, many of our retellings of the Nativity Story were written by Niki Davies, Britain’s most successful and prolific writer of children’s nativities.

Browse our classic editions of the Nativity Story for KS1 children below:

What resources are included with our Nativity KS1 productions?

Our Nativity Story KS1 productions include all the resources you need to stage a brilliant Christmas performance without hassle. Each production includes a wide range of roles that the children will love to take on, as well as

- feel-good festive songs
- sheet music
- lyrics
- backing tracks
- curriculum-linked material

These resources will allow you to stage a special performance for all the children, teachers and parents to enjoy. Plus, with the curriculum-linked material, rehearsals and all the buzz and excitement, you can be confident that the children will engage with the teachings of Christmas. For more ideas on how to teach the Nativity Story to children and complement your performance, have a read of our complete blog post.

If you want to customise your performance of the Nativity Story and tailor it to your school and KS1 cohort, we offer editable versions of our scripts which are straightforward to use and adapt.

Which KS1 Christmas story production is right for you?

With every Christmas story play for KS1 you can find the duration, number of speaking roles and cast size before making your selection. You can also view sample scripts and listen to song clips. This will help you find the perfect production for your students.

Here is an overview of our six classic productions:

- 'A Very Special Baby' is a short yet magical telling of the traditional Nativity Story that is just as engaging with or without the songs.

- 'Stable By Starlight' is a delightful and flexible nativity production with a case size that can range from 20 to 80 performers and seven charming songs composed specifically for KS1 children.

- 'Follow The Star' is a fun-filled retelling of the Nativity Story with a whole host of speaking roles and beautiful, original songs that the children will love.

- 'An Angel, A Star and A Stable' is another mini-nativity, perfect for those who need a super-quick yet educational and engaging nativity production.

- 'Is There a Baby in There?' is an exciting look at the classic Nativity Story through the eyes of the animals! Perfect for KS1 and early years children with six charming songs that are simple to learn.

- 'Cheeky Cherubs' is a mini-nativity that is ideal for younger children, with a straightforward but exciting script and just four lovely festive songs to learn.

For more school nativity ideas, including advice on how to film the performance and top tips on staging a nativity musical with KS1 children, have a read of our dedicated guides!

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