KS1 Assembly Songs

Including KS1 assembly songs in your primary school assembly is always an engaging and fun way for the students to come together, learn important lessons and most of all enjoy themselves.

Our charming infant school songs have been designed to cover key PSHE themes while being easy for KS1 students to learn. We also have assembly songs for KS1 to celebrate important times of the year, including Christmas songs, harvest songs and spring songs.

Discover our assembly songs for KS1 below, and remember you can listen to song clips for all of our infant school songs to help you find your favourites!

Top 10 Infant School Songs

1. ‘Follow The Star’ by Niki Davies - A magical song from Niki Davies that younger children will find delightful, especially during Christmas assemblies or nativities.

2. ‘Big Blue Tractor’ by Niki Davies - A catchy and energising song to celebrate the harvest that KS1 students will adore and look forward to singing every year.

3. ‘Great Day’ by Matthew Crossey and Tom Kirkham - A fun and positive song that’s bursting with energy. KS1 children will love singing this song and practising the accompanying actions.

4. ‘Proud Of Our School’ by Matthew Crossey and Tom Kirkham - A special song that will unify the students and encourage them to appreciate and take pride in their school community.

5. ‘Hot Cross Bunny’ by Niki Davies - This charming and energetic Easter-themed song is a firm favourite amongst younger children, and a wonderful way to get excited for Easter.

6. ‘Our Wonderful World’ by Niki Davies - This KS1 assembly song gives the whole school community an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the beauty of our planet. A beautiful song that’s relevant all year long.

7. ‘Counting Down To Christmas’ by Matthew Crossey and Tom Kirkham - A toe-tapping assembly song to countdown to Christmas and spread festive cheer to all.

8. ‘Our Wonderful School’ by Matthew Crossey and Tom Kirkham - This emotive song will have the children singing loudly and proudly to celebrate their primary school and all the people in it.

9. ‘Because It’s Spring’ by Niki Davies - An upbeat infant school song that will put a spring in everyone’s step and enable the students to celebrate the arrival of a new season.

10. ‘Build A Friendship’ by Tom Kirkham and Matthew Crossey - A wonderful song that encourages students to embrace differences, cherish friendships and understand the value of being a good friend.

Choosing Your Assembly Songs for KS1

Our assembly songs for KS1 come with high quality vocal tracks and lyric sheets to help your students learn the songs. They also come with excellent backing tracks and sheet music, offering you complete flexibility.

PSHE assembly songbooks also feature inspiring assemblies to accompany the infant school songs. This offers teachers a one-stop solution and will help you put together an effective assembly quickly and seamlessly.

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