Primary School Christmas Musicals

Our Christmas musicals for primary schools bring to life the sense of anticipation and excitement felt by all children as the big day approaches. Brilliant scripts and songs full of Christmas spirit are plentiful, helping you to put on a children’s Christmas musical the students will never forget!

Whether you’re looking for a classic nativity story, a nativity musical, or a festive Christmas production with a twist, we have the perfect children’s Christmas musical for you. Every script and song are quick to learn, easy to stage, and written to the highest standard by our team of leading children’s songwriters, including Niki Davies, Tom Kirkham, Matthew Crossey, and Jane Carr.

Discover our Christmas musicals for children below to learn more about each musical, listen to the music clips, and explore script samples.

Which Children’s Christmas Musical is Right for Your School?

Every one of our Christmas musicals for schools tells a unique story while promoting the meaning and values of Christmas.
All musicals are designed with set age groups in mind, with some plays more suited to younger KS1 children aged 4-7, some for KS2 students aged 7-11, and some that the whole primary school can enjoy together. Each festive musical has the intended age group clearly marked to help you find the right performance for your children.

Our Christmas musicals for schools also vary in length and ideal cast size to help you choose the best production for your needs. And don’t forget that you can purchase editable scripts for added customisation.

Staging a school Christmas musical for your primary school students is the perfect way to bring the whole school together, sign off the year, and start feeling festive – it’s a staple in the school calendar that’s not to be missed!

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