Assembly Songbooks

Each of our assembly songbooks is designed to bring the whole school together in a fun, inspirational and fuss-free way. Our award-winning collection of assembly music for schools has been written especially for primary school students, featuring uplifting songs centring around children, their communities and the world around them.

All of our assembly songs for primary schools come with easy-to-follow lyrics, sheet music and brilliant backing tracks on CD or ready to download. What’s more, each of our songs in ‘The School Year’ and ‘You, Me & PSHE’ has an accompanying assembly plan, ready for a headteacher or teacher to deliver with ease.

We also provide school songs for assemblies to cover the seasons, particularly spring and autumn, and key school events, such as leavers assemblies and nativities. You’ll also find wonderful songs to celebrate diverse festivities from across the globe, including Christmas, Chinese New Year and Diwali.

To get stuck in with singing assembly songs that everyone will love, please explore our full collection of assembly songbooks and music below. Many of our song packs are currently free to download, so don’t miss out!

What Themes Does Our School Assembly Music Cover?

We understand how important it is that music for assemblies in primary school covers important themes in a memorable and engaging way. That’s why our assembly songs explore topics about:

• Giving thanks
Expressing yourself
• Taking pride in your work
Building friendships
• Celebrating differences
• Seeking support
• The school community
• The global community

The range of themes that our assembly songs cover provides the perfect opportunity to address spiritual, moral, social and cultural development that form the basis of core PSHE topics, especially when used in conjunction with accompanying assembly plans.

How to Use Our Assembly Songbooks

With our primary school assembly music, we always aim to provide teachers with the utmost simplicity and flexibility, helping to save time whilst providing children with inspiring, enjoyable and informative assemblies.

Our assembly songbooks have been thoughtfully designed to make things as easy as possible for every busy teacher or headteacher. To that end, all of our assembly songs for primary school can be delivered with minimum preparation time and minimal fuss.

Whether you need assembly songs for KS1 or KS2, each of our assembly songbooks has a clear objective, requires little preparation, and focuses on a specific story, activity or theme.

All of our assembly music for schools can be sung with or without the supporting vocals, or played on the piano from the simply-arranged sheets on the back of the books. And, of course, our assemblies can be delivered without the songs just as the songs can be delivered without the assembly.

To listen to samples of our primary school assembly music, just click on an assembly songbook before clicking on the ‘songs’ tab. From here, you can listen to the song samples and decide if they’re the right fit for your assembly.

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