KS1 Nativity Plays (Ages 3 to 7)

KS1 nativities are a fun, festive and timeless way to celebrate the holiday season at school and wrap up the first term in a special way. What’s more, KS1 nativities provide an enjoyable and meaningful experience for children, teachers and parents, and will create lifelong memories for all involved.

Our award-winning KS1 nativity plays feature simple, engaging scripts and charming, easy-to-learn Christmas songs. Our scripts also retain classic elements of nativity plays while incorporating exciting and creative re-tellings.

We’re excited to showcase best-selling KS1 nativity plays from our talented team, including Niki Davies, Matthew Crossey, Tom Kirkham, Jane Carr and Geoff Lawson.

Explore our KS1 nativity plays below.

Choosing Your KS1 Christmas Play

Choosing the best Christmas production for your KS1 students couldn’t be easier with our brilliant collection of nativity plays. We have over fifteen plays on offer, each telling the nativity story in their own magical way.

Our Christmas plays for KS1 are suitable for different age groups within the key stage, so you’ll find a script to suit your students. We understand that every group of students is unique, which is why the cast size and number of available speaking roles is flexible with all our KS1 Christmas nativity plays.

Every school and year group is different too, and our unique and varied stories accommodate that:

- ‘Is There A Baby In There?’ is a great option if you're looking for something more classic and charming.

- 'Woolly' is a delightful KS1 nativity musical from Niki Davies with a simple yet heart warming script.

- 'Honky Tonky Donkey' is a fun and upbeat nativity that the children will love, featuring the world's only one-man band donkey!

- 'Follow The Star' is a joyous re-telling of the classic nativity with a touch of humour and endearing characters, ideal for a lager cast size.

- 'Stable By Starlight' is a truly beautiful KS1 nativity play, with simple yet sweet songs composed especially for this age group.

As you can see, there are plenty of brilliant school nativity ideas for you and your KS1 students to enjoy! If you’re looking for nativity plays for slightly younger children, we also have a range dedicated to early years.

What’s Included in Our Christmas Nativities for KS1?

All of our KS1 nativity books are packed with useful information to make staging your nativity as easy as possible. With our CDs, you’ll find high quality backing tracks and vocal tracks to seamlessly accompany your production.

We also provide editable scripts for all of our KS1 nativity plays for a small additional charge. This will help you out if there are any tweaks you need to make to the production.

Our nativity play books also come with a scene by scene breakdown of the action, including which characters are involved in which scene and how many lines each character speaks. Plus, we’ve included a wealth of additional activities and discussion points to extend the learning to the classroom.

Now, go and stage a KS1 nativity play your students will never forget!

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