Leavers Songs for Year 6

Leavers songs are a brilliant way to wrap up Year 6 children’s time at primary school and bring the school year to a fantastic finish. You can celebrate the students and their achievements in style!

Our downloadable leavers song packs feature a range of excellent leavers assembly songs written especially for KS2 students. The songs marry the uplifting with the wistful, and the beautiful with the boisterous. They also require minimum preparation time and minimal fuss!

Our Leavers Assembly Songs

  1. Leaving On A High’ by Tom Kirkham and Matthew Crossey
    A wonderful celebration of our time at school, recognising that all good things come to an end, but we take the most wonderful memories with us into the next chapter of our lives.
  2. ‘Step By Step’ by Matthew Crossey and Tom Kirkham
    A stirring song that tells us that it’s great to have dreams and aspirations, but often we need to take small steps in order to reach them, and to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. 
  3. ‘Higher And Higher’ by Matthew Crossey and Tom Kirkham
    A beautiful ballad reminding us of the potential we have and how we can reach it. Poignant and highly emotive – expect tears!
  4. ‘We’re Still A School’ by Tom Kirkham and Matthew Crossey
    A buoyant toe-tapper recognising that we’ll always be part of our school and our school will always be part of us.
  5. ‘Thank You For A Million Brilliant Things’ by Matthew Crossey and Tom Kirkham
    A joyful song of thanks for the innumerable wonders of life, however big or small they may be; for peace and harmony, sunshine and rain, food and friends, parents and teachers.
  6. ‘Spread A Little Bit Of Sunshine’ by Tom Kirkham and Matthew Crossey
    An upbeat celebration of positivity, this uplifting song considers the nature of friendship and how we can have a meaningful impact on the lives of those around us.
  7. ‘Proud Of Our School’ by Matthew Crossey and Tom Kirkham
    A song that sings the praises of your wonderful school, its warm and welcoming nature, and all that it has done for you

    We also have 15 songs in each of our assembly songbooks, ‘You, Me & PSHE’ and ‘The School Year’, both of which feature good leavers songs for your students to enjoy.

    You can browse our leaver songs packs below to see which songs best suit your cohort. Don’t forget you can listen to song clips for each and every one of our songs too!

    Why Sing Year 6 Leavers Assembly Songs?

    Leavers songs are a great way to bring everyone together before saying goodbye. They help to reinforce friendships, create life-long memories and reassure children before they embark on their next big adventure.

    There are so many other fantastic ideas you could add into your leavers assembly. Why not try a Year 6 leavers musical for all the students to have fun with? You could even try putting together a photo slideshow or giving out awards.

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