Copyright & Licensing

Copyright & Licensing

Copyright and Licencing can seem somewhat complicated; it is, however, a legal requirement for schools and drama clubs to comply with copyright law.

Our brief guide below addresses some of the more common issues but for more information on this subject, please visit

We are also more than happy to help as we know this all gets very complicated. Email us at: or telephone us on: 01483 503050.


Performance Licence

If you are performing a musical or nativity to anyone other than pupils or staff then you require a performance licence. This applies even if you are not charging for entry or selling tickets. Your school PRS licence does not cover musicals or nativities; each title requires a specific licence. If, for whatever reason, a live audience is not present, you will not need a Performance Licence but will most likely require a Filming/Streaming Licence (see below). 

Our performance licences are really straightforward. We charge one fee and that covers you for as many performances as you undertake in a 12-month period and allows you to use the audio tracks during performances. You can purchase a licence with your musical to save time, or purchase retrospectively.

All of our books also have a licence application form in the back but please be aware that prices are subject to change.


Filming/Streaming Licence

If you are making audio or visual recordings of one of our musicals or nativities, or streaming a production, you will need to purchase our Filming/Streaming Licence. This is a one-off fee that covers your production, regardless of the number of times it is filmed/streamed. The licence can be purchased directly through each show page, or via invoice for UK schools. 


Photocopying Rights +

If you copy our lyrics and music, please report it on your SPML (Schools Printed Music Licence) returns.

If you copy the script, teachers’ notes, staging ideas or supplementary material, please report it in your CLA (Copyright Licencing Agency) returns.

If you are a school that has neither an SPML or CLA licence, you are allowed to do the following under the terms of a School Musicals Company Performance Licence:

  • Make 3 copies of the script for learning purposes
  • Make 3 copies of the sheet music
  • Reproduce lyrics in your programmes or project them onto a white board for learning purposes. If you use our lyrics, we are always grateful if you could credit us: ‘Lyrics reproduced by kind permission of The School Musicals Company’.


Putting On A Concert Using Our Songs +

If you are using our songs in a concert, rather than performing the whole musical, you need to log the song usage with PRS (The Performing Rights Society). If you do not have a PRS licence, please contact us.


Singing Our Songs In The Classroom +

You are free to use all of our materials in the classroom but please log any photocopying.


Singing Our Songs In Assemblies +

If you sing one of our songs in assembly, please log it in your CCLI return,


Copying & Sharing Our Material +

If you purchase one of our digital packs, this allows you to share MP3 files of our songs amongst your performers. These files should not be placed on an open portal or ‘parent-portal’ where they can be shared further. Illegal file-sharing and downloading harms our business.

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