Leavers Musicals (Leavers Shows)

A Leavers Musical or Leavers Show is probably one of the best ways possible to say farewell to all of your KS2 school leavers at the culmination of Summer Term, or have a look at our leavers download pack for your Leavers Assembly. Leavers Musicals become a celebration of everything that the children have achieved in primary school or prep school and say goodbye in a heart-warming, feel-good way that children, parents, teachers and staff will always remember.

leavers musicals

Our year 6 leavers shows and leavers musicals are rated as some of the best best on the market, having been given 5 star reviews by Teaching Drama Magazine. In fact, the whole catalogue of shows from The School Musical Company has been nominated for the last two years running at the Music Teacher Awards For Excellence Awards in the Outstanding Musical Theatre Education Resource category. Buy with confidence and don't forget to add an editable script to your basket, so that you can adapt the show to perfectly suit your school.

Learn more about how to stage a Leavers Musical here.

Get to know more about writing a leavers musical at this SING UP feature on Matthew Crossey and Tom Kirkham. 

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