Leavers Musicals

leavers show is one of the best ways possible to say farewell to all of your Year 6 school leavers at the culmination of Summer Term! Our 5-star Year 6 leavers plays are fun, imaginative and designed especially for KS2.

Leavers musicals are a celebration of everything that the children have achieved in primary school or prep school, and say goodbye in a heart-warming, feel-good way that children, parents, teachers and the whole school community will always remember. A special Year 6 leavers show will send the students off in style, reinforce important friendships and create lifelong memories.

Browse our award-winning collection of Year 6 leavers shows below. Don’t forget you can add an editable script to your basket so you can adapt these leavers musicals to perfectly suit your school!

Which Year 6 Leavers Play is Right for You?

With over ten fun-filled school leavers musicals to choose from, you’re bound to find a script that’s perfect for your students. Here’s a look at some of our Year 6 leavers plays that will definitely convince you –

  • The Jungle Book – A thrilling and fun-filled adaptation of the iconic Rudyard Kipling story, this play contains nine original songs and a dramatic script, written to captivate a large audience with its impressive ensemble.

  • The Aladdin School Musical – This exhilarating musical is perfect for a Year 6 leavers play. Packed with dozens of great characters, ten glorious songs and a captivating tale set in the land of Arabia, this is guaranteed to be a memorable play.

  • Minotaur – Set against the exotic island of Crete, this magical production is ideal for a leavers musical. A charming and witty script is supported by seven original songs, the combination of which provides a great sense of adventure for 7-11 year olds.

  • The Wizard of Oz – A combination of nine fantastic songs and a complete script highlighting the unforgettable companionship of Dorothy and her friends, makes this adaptation of the much-loved classic a heart-warming production for any Year 6 leavers play.

  • Paws and Claws – Available with both a full-length script as well as an abridged version, this hilarious musical tells the story of a gang of wily cats and fearless dogs with 11 catchy songs that will captivate any audience.

  • Sherlock & Cinders – A riveting combination of two of literature’s most renowned characters – Sherlock Holmes and Cinderella, this ensemble piece features a challenging investigation with nine engaging songs and a fast moving script. Use this in your next Year 6 leavers play and leave any audience completely mesmerised.

  • Who’s your Mummy? – A sensational combination of history wrapped in a hilarious comedic script, this musical adventure comprises ten great songs and a witty script, with the complimentary abridged version available too if you need something a little shorter. Suitable for any kind of school leavers musicals.

  • Forever Treasure Island – A spirited adventure that follows Jen Hawkins and her journey after discovering a treasure map, this production makes for a great leavers play. The combination of ten fantastic songs along with a dramatic script will entertain an audience of all ages.

We also have plenty of leavers songbooks and leavers assembly ideas if you’re looking for another great way to finish the school year on a high.

Our Leavers Musicals Reviews

We’re proud to say our end of year productions for Year 6 are rated as some of the best on the market! Our leavers musicals have received 5-star reviews from Drama and Theatre.

Also, our entire catalogue of shows won the Music Teacher Award for Excellence 2019 for Outstanding Theatre Education Resource. And, we’ve been shortlisted again in 2021 in the ‘Excellence in Musical Theatre’ category, our fourth nomination in four years.

To learn more about how Matthew Crossey and Tom Kirkham write award-winning leavers shows, have a read of their Sing Up feature.

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