Songs for School Choirs

Re-energise your choir sessions with our fabulous choir songs for primary school. These fun, exciting primary choir songs are easy to learn, easy to teach and bring the whole group together.

Choir is the perfect opportunity for children to make new friends, become part of a tight-knit community and feel a real sense of achievement. Songs for school choirs can also be performed in assemblies, giving students the chance to build confidence.

Our talented team of composers have written a range of catchy songs for school choirs covering important topics which tie into the primary school curriculum, including friendship, sustainability, community and more. Songs are suitable for both KS1 and KS2 students, so are perfect for choirs with mixed age groups.

Explore our choir songs for primary school below and enjoy free samples of all of our music:

Top 10 Choir Songs for Primary School

We have a variety of primary choir songs available for everyone to enjoy, but here are ten of our favourites:

1. ‘Why We Need A Friend’ by Tom Kirkham and Matthew Crossey
2. ‘Start The Day in a Brilliant Way’ by Tom Kirkham and Matthew Crossey
3. ‘Our Wonderful World’ by Niki Davies
4. ‘Proud of Our School’ by Matthew Crossey and Tom Kirkham
5. ‘We’re Back’ by Jeanette Healey
6. ‘Higher and Higher’ by Matthew Crossey and Tom Kirkham
7. ‘Water Water Everywhere’ by Jane Carr
8. ‘Great Day’ by Matthew Crossey and Tom Kirkham
9. ‘Peace Prayer’ by Niki Davies
10. ‘Thank You For a Million Brilliant Things’ by Matthew Crossey and Tom Kirkham

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