Enter Stage Right

The School Musicals Company Team

The School Musicals Company is a family business and, like you, we want the very best for our children. We feel passionately that all children should be given engaging resources that will help them to grow and learn, and have a huge amount of fun along the way! We want to spark the imagination and nurture a love of drama, singing and musical theatre that will last a lifetime.

We started The School Musicals Company to bring stories to life with an up-to-date, humorous approach that actually ‘gets kids’ and what they are exposed to. We know that both children and their teachers want scripts that they can really get their teeth into, filled with intriguing characters who leap off the page. Children are also pretty savvy; they love to sing contemporary, well-crafted songs with strong melodies that are enjoyable – and in no way embarrassing – to perform. When we create a new musical, we tweak, revise and sharpen our scripts and songs based on the feedback of experts – teachers, children and their audiences.

The Story Behind The Stories

Everyone loves a great story, but boy can they be difficult to get right. We always begin by racking our brains for stories we loved as children and thinking about why we loved them. Usually it comes down to plot, closely followed by characters, then themes and subject matter. But more than this, the great stories connect with us, they affect us. And that, more than anything else, is what we try to transfer into our plays. We read lots, then we write snippets, and more snippets, and tunes, and lyrics, and slowly but surely the musical begins to take shape.

Eventually, after many moons have passed, we get together with our families and try it out, dishing out parts to even the youngest family members, eagerly awaiting their positive feedback. But they are one tough audience! No matter how many crisps and nibbles we give them, they quite rightly point out that it needs even more excitement, even more laughs, catchier songs, lovable characters.

Back we go to the drawing board - and the laptop and the guitar and the piano. And we tweak, hone and edit until we are completely happy that we have produced something that children, teachers and audience will adore.

We want to be entirely confident that the shows we put out there are just right, the perfect mix of humour, drama and tension, with wonderful characters, brilliant songs, memorable lyrics and a host of extras to make the job of the teacher just a little bit easier! Our shows are made with love and enthusiasm for the creative arts; we hope that you enjoy performing them as much as we enjoy making them. 

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