Niki Davies Nativities

Niki Davies is one of the UK's best-loved writers of songs, musicals and plays for EYFSKS1 and KS2 children.

Niki's nativities and Christmas songs are hugely accessible, great fun, and demonstrate extensive experience writing for both younger and older children and her own classroom teaching experience.

We're proud to present Niki Davies' Christmas songs and musicals below, with stories that will both engage and teach children all around the country. Every pre-school and primary school nativity can be performed by small and large groups.

Niki Davies Nativity Songs

Choosing a Niki Davies production is a brilliant school nativity idea. We are pleased to be the publishers of six of Niki's very latest infant nativity plays:

1. Higgledy Piggledy Nativity
A fun and exciting twist on the classic tale that will have the children laughing and learning throughout the rehearsal process.

2. Stable By Starlight
A delightfully classic nativity play, Stable by Starlight is a wonderful script with seven accessible songs and a cast size that can work with up to 80 pupils!

3. Follow The Star
With seven beautiful and easy songs to learn, this musical is the perfect Christmas tale, featuring all our favourite classic nativity characters.

4. Honky Tonky Donkey
Centring around the world's only one-man band donkey, this nativity play will definitely bring the fun! It features seven toe-tapping songs and a flexible cast size for any cohort.

5. A Very Special Baby
This is a shorter nativity play designed especially for three to six year olds. It's a beautiful, classic telling of the nativity story, with an accessible script and engaging, simple songs.

6. Woolly
Woolly is a sweet and uplifting nativity story which perfectly captures the spirit of Christmas. Its upbeat songs will keep the children and audience captivated throughout.

We also now publish three of Niki's heritage best-selling nativities - 'Is There a Baby in There?', 'The Lucky Owl' and 'The Little Blue Star' - originally released by Niki Davies Productions.

Should you wish to know any more about any of the Niki Davies' Christmas songbooks above, please don't hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, we've got lots of handy hints, tips, and advice on our blog, from how to stage a stress free musical to advice on filming your nativity production.

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