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KS2 Musicals

If you are looking for School Musicals KS2, look no further! Our ever-expanding repertoire of brand new school musicals KS2, all perfectly suited to pupils in Years 5 and 6 - and perhaps even Year 4 - provide a host of memorable characters, great story-lines and unforgettable songs which children will love to sing, teachers will love to teach and audiences will love to hear. What's more, with the children fully engaged, the rehearsal process can even be fun and stress-free.

Children of this age have increasingly sophisticated tastes and deserve the opportunity to perform exciting, challenging yet accessible material. Our KS2 musicals are full of humour, but also moments of real drama, tension and poignancy. The songs are contemporary but timeless, really engaging and catchy, making our school musicals KS2 perfect for young performers to show what they can do.

Click on a cover image below to learn more about each of the shows and to listen to clips from the songs.

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