Harvest Up Our Free Download Packs

Ah, the modern-day harvest festival: giant packets of dried pasta, tins of baked beans, soups, cereal boxes, biscuits, even long-lasting milk. It’s a far cry from all the fresh fruit and vegetables of yesteryear, when tables bowed under the weight of potatoes and pumpkins, apples and onions, misshapen carrots and amusingly shaped turnips.

It may be more symbolic these days, but it is still a wonderful celebration of the food that sustains us and an opportunity to give thanks to those involved in its production. Indeed, it is perhaps more important nowadays than in previous generations. Many children in the UK today will associate food solely with a supermarket; how and where it was grown or reared, reaped or transported – and even what certain foods looked like before they were put into tins or packets – will not come into their thinking. The period of harvest provides a chance to educate as much as to celebrate.

To that end, why not take advantage of the 100% discount on our brand new Harvest Festival, a lovely collection of brilliant Harvest Songs, Harvest Readings and poems, neatly tied up in a ready-to-go service, with the editable script included as standard for you to make adjustments as you feel necessary.

Additionally, if you would like another couple of great harvest songs to add to your repertoire, download our free Harvest Songs pack. ‘Big Blue Tractor’ by Niki Davies evokes some enchanting autumn images and perfectly captures the harvesting process in a song that will delight younger children in particular, whilst ‘Harvest Tango’ by Matthew Crossey and Tom Kirkham is a wonderfully wacky tribute to the incredible diversity of produce available to us.



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