How To Leave In Style

To those who have ever been involved in a production themselves, it will come as no surprise to hear that performing a Year 6 leavers musical is an amazing venture which will send the children off in style. Leavers shows have a wonderful way of bringing children together through a shared experience. Time spent rehearsing together on stage, and almost more importantly the time spent being with each other offstage, helps to reinforce friendships at a crucial time in children’s lives. It also serves as an opportunity to develop new relationships, to boost self-esteem and to create lifelong memories for the pupils as they make the daunting step from primary to secondary school.

Our range of musicals contains some absolute crackers, perfect for ensuring a fun, energetic and dramatic send-off. Our leavers shows are written entirely with the needs and interests of the children in mind – not to mention the needs of the teachers – with catchy songs, great characters, easy-to-learn lines, staging guidelines and a wealth of supporting material to help the production go smoothly.

Leavers musicals are about taking a moment in time and making it memorable, which is why we aim to make each of our shows completely unforgettable.

5***** - “I THINK THEY’RE BRILLIANT” – Sarah Lambie, Editor, Teach Drama Magazine

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