Back To School Download Pack - 100% Discount With Code BTS100

Back To School Download Pack - 100% Discount With Code BTS100

Our 'Back To School' song pack contains three fantastic songs, guaranteed to get every pupil up on their feet and singing strongly. 

'We Are Back' by Jeanette Healey is an uplifting and inspiring anthem, hugely poignant as pupils return to school after the challenges posed by coronavirus. It will also work brilliantly at the beginning of each term or half-term. 

'Cool To Be Kind' by Niki Davies is a charming song about the simple changes we can all make to help improve the world for everyone, full of excellent ideas and a lovely melody. 

'A Spring In Our Step' by Tom Kirkham and Matthew Crossey is an upbeat and oh-so-energetic song about children's resourcefulness and can-do attitude, ideal for the challenges ahead in the new school year. 

This download pack contains everything you will need whether you have a musician or not to help in your assembly. High quality vocal tracks to help your students learn the songs, brilliant backing tracks, lyric sheets and sheet music.

Please remember to log the songs that you sing on your CCLI report

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We Are Back
Cool To Be Kind
A Spring In Our Step


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