Bamboozled - In Stock February 7th - Pre-order now

Bamboozled - In Stock February 7th - Pre-order now

In Stock February 7th - Telephone 01483 503050 to pre-order

Produced in conjunction with Edinburgh Zoo and The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland. 
It's the journey of a lifetime for Yun Zi as his flight from China to Edinburgh Zoo takes an unexpected turn due to a sever snowstorm. Stranded at Inverness airport, with all roads closed and all phone lines down, can Yun Zi - along with a motley collection of other foreign animals - find their way through the Highlands and make it safely to their new home?

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Let's Go To The Zoo
Chinese New Year
Why We Need A Friend
A Step In The Right Direction
Haven On Earth
Conservation Conversation
When Man Meets Nature
Room For Everyone


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