Cheeky Cherubs - A Mini Nativity
  • Cheeky Cherubs - A Mini Nativity
  • Cheeky Cherubs - A Mini Nativity

Cheeky Cherubs - A Mini Nativity

Ages 3-6

Duration 15 mins
Speaking Roles 33
Cast Size 20-50+
Ideal Cast Size 33

It is lesson time in heaven and the younger angels have a lot to learn, from polishing their halos to tuning their harps and learning to sing beautifully in a choir.

Suddenly the Chief Angel arrives and gives them something even more important to practise: a message for the shepherds … about the birth of Jesus.

Niki Davies’ mini-nativity, with a simple but engaging script and four lovely songs, is a charming piece ideally suited to 3-6 year olds.

The editable script is available for a small additional charge when purchased alongside the main pack and a performance licence, making it easier to make those inevitable tweaks and ensure the nativity fits your particular needs. 

NB - An individual performance licence (if a live audience from outside of the school is to be present) and/or a filming/streaming licence (if footage is to be shared) is required to stage this nativity. 

UK School Invoicing Available - email us at 

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Buying Options


Book & CD: Book includes full script, character list, curriculum-linked material, sheet music and lyrics. CD includes all songs recorded with children’s voices and full backing tracks.

Book & Digital Downloads: Book as above, with digital downloads that include MP3s of all of the songs and backing tracks, plus a PDF version of the full book. Where available, a complimentary pdf version of the abridged script is also included.


Performance Licence: You need a performance licence to perform our show to anyone other than pupils and staff. Our licences are simple - one price allows you to perform the show as many times as you like during a twelve month period.

Filming/Streaming Licence: If you plan to film your performance and manufacture DVDs for distribution, stream content on an internet site or on social media, you will also need to purchase this licence.


The EDITABLE VERSION of the script in WORD format is not available as a stand-alone purchase. However, it can be purchased alongside one of the Pack options when a performance or filming/streaming licence is also purchased. It is an additional item (script only, no music or production information) and is not a substitute for the main resource.


In this delightful mini-nativity comprising four songs and a short, simple script, Niki Davies has fashioned a charming piece of theatre for younger children, introducing them to the events of the birth of Jesus through the eyes of a choir of cheeky little angels who learn to fulfil their important mission in spreading the good news of his arrival. It may be short, but it packs quite a punch and should provide its young cast with an enjoyable and memorable experience, not to mention making things just a little easier for the teachers and staff!


It is lesson time in heaven and all the little learner angels have a great deal to learn, from polishing their halos to tuning their harps. There is always lots to do (WE ARE LITTLE ANGELS).

One day the chief angel arrives in the classroom with some very exciting news for the little angels. A Special baby is going to be born in Bethlehem and the little angels are being given a very important mission. They have to go and tell the shepherds about the baby. But this is going to take a lot of practise! As the lessons continue, Mary and Joseph, exhausted after their long journey, arrive in Bethlehem looking for a place to stay. They gladly take a small stable for the night and it is there that the baby Jesus is born (GO TO SLEEP LITTLE BABY).

There is so much to learn. There’s what to say to the shepherds, it has to be perfect. And don’t forget the skyway code! Will they get it right on the day? Then the Chief Angel makes another announcement: the baby Jesus has been born, it’s time for the angels to undertake their mission (OFF TO SEE THE SHEPHERDS).

The little angels fly safely to the hills and tell the shepherds all about the baby Jesus and of course, they succeed with flying colours. On their return to Heaven they ask the chief angel if they can go to see the baby too. With great excitement, they fly to the stable. As they arrive there, three kings knock at the door to give precious gifts and everyone celebrates the birth of the baby Jesus (HIS NAME WAS JESUS).

Script Samples



The play has been written with 33 speaking parts, plus Mary who has a non-speaking part. There is also some group-speaking for the little angels. The narration can be spoken by children, but with a very young group it may be better to have it spoken by an adult.

The editable WORD script, available for £6.95 when the performance licence is also purchased, will make the process of adjusting quite straightforward. 

Song Samples

Perfect Little Angels
Go To Sleep Little Baby
Off To See The Shepherds
His Name Was Jesus


£ 21.95
In stock. Dispatched within 24 hours

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