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Doctor Dolittle Primary School Musical
  • Doctor Dolittle Primary School Musical
  • Doctor Dolittle And The Monkey Mayhem

Doctor Dolittle And The Monkey Mayhem

By Matthew Crossey and Tom Kirkham

Ages 8-13

Duration 60 mins
Speaking Roles 33
Cast Size 25-60
Ideal Cast Size 40
Pack a suitcase, track down your passport and slap on the suncream, Doctor Dolittle is off to the jungles of Africa for the adventure of a lifetime. And what a menagerie of talking animals he has with him, all eager to save the population of poorly monkeys. But when King Jolli and the barking Jolliginki tribe imprison the Doctor in a large cooking pot, they find themselves in a bit of a pickle. Literally. Can they save the monkeys? Can they save themselves?


‘Doctor Dolittle And The Monkey Mayhem’ is a feast of fun and perfect for a young cast of energetic performers. With ten unforgettable new songs and an uproarious script, this wonderful children’s classic is brought perfectly to the stage in an hour-long piece of musical theatre. One of our best musicals for Primary schools, brilliant as a leavers musical or leavers production.

FREE Word.doc of this script available.

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Buying Options


Books & CD: Book includes full script, character list, curriculum-linked material, sheet music and lyrics. CD includes all songs recorded with children’s voices and full backing tracks.

Digital Downloads: Get started straight away with a PDF version of the script and MP3s of all of the songs and backing tracks (Only available when you purchase the Book & CD Pack).

An editable version of the script is available in Word format free of charge. Please contact us after you have purchased and we will be glad to email this to you.


Performance Licence: You need a performance licence to perform our show to anyone other than children and staff. Our licences are simple and straight forwards, one price allows you to perform the show as many times as you like for a whole year.



Learning to talk with animals is one thing; escaping from a peculiar tribal king who’s added you to his menu, well that’s a whole different kettle of fish.

Doctor Dolittle lives a quietly eccentric life in the sleepy village of Puddleby-on-the-Marsh. He shares his house with his sister, Sarah, and his parrot, Polynesia. Oh, and a dog, a hen, a pig, a duck, an owl and a hedgehog. But then a swallow arrives with news of a disease ravaging the monkeys in the treetops of Africa. Suddenly the good doctor and his motley crew must brave the perils of the ocean, the depths of the jungle, and a royal family with unusual tastes. Can they save the monkeys? Can they save themselves?

This brand new production for 8-13 year olds is perfect for any time of the year and a barrel of laughs, weaving a wonderful array of characters and ten brilliant new songs into a thrilling story that will capture the imagination of cast and audience alike.  A good choice for a school production, a perfect leavers musical full of fun and laughter.


Africa’s monkey population is in the grips of an unknown disease (SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE MONKEYS). The Witch Doctor believes he has the solution, a cloudy one with things floating in it, but Timpani and Bongo – two of the monkeys as yet unaffected - aren’t convinced.

Meanwhile, somewhere pleasant in rural England, Doctor Dolittle’s patients wait patiently to be seen (THE BEST MD IN PUDDLEBY). When he finally arrives, accompanied by a parrot, a pig, a dog and a duck, they are a touch bemused, slightly confused and far from amused. Especially poor Mrs Parker, whose ingrowing toenail has really affected her confidence, not to mention her balance.

Later that evening, Doctor Dolittle’s sister, Sarah, gives him an ultimatum: either the animals go, or she goes. When Doctor Dolittle politely enquires where she will stay, she storms from the house. Left alone with his animals, he starts to realise that, far from their noises being random utterances, they are in fact attempts to communicate. With the help of Polynesia, the parrot, he begins to understand what they are saying (LEARNING LANGUAGES).

Time passes and Doctor Dolittle ceases to be a people doctor and instead becomes an animal doctor. The animals love the fact that he can communicate with them and really help them, whilst the Puddleby villagers, including Mrs Parker whose toe is still sore, find him increasingly bizarre and even downright mad (DOCTOR DOLITTLE).

One evening, whilst reading a story to his animals, Doctor Dolittle is interrupted by Chee Chee, the monkey, who brings news of a disease decimating Africa’s monkey population. Without a moment’s hesitation, Doctor Dolittle and his crew are on a boat and sailing into the Atlantic. 

Elsewhere, in the land of the Jolliginki, King Jolli is stuffed. So too Queen Ermintrude and their children. The order is given for the other prisoners to be released – they can always catch some more when they get hungry again! But when they hear of the impending arrival of Doctor Dolittle and his entourage, they decide to welcome him into their community with open arms and open mouths (A BALANCED DIET).

The second half of the play begins with a reflection on the world’s endangered species. Could we be doing more to help? (ONE WORLD TOGETHER).

Action then returns to Doctor Dolittle and his crew, who have been captured by the Jolliginki and placed inside a large cooking pot. When they discover that this is not just some strange tribal hospitality, they determine to escape (NOT HAVING ME FOR THEIR TEA). They are assisted by the arrival of Timpani and Bongo, who cause a diversion which allows Doctor Dolittle and his animals to climb safely from the pot and make their get-away.

Meanwhile, the monkeys are saying goodbye to yet more of their brothers and sisters who have caught the disease (FAREWELL). But suddenly they hear of the doctor’s escape and delay their farewell ceremony, hoping that he will arrive soon to save them.

When King Jolli discovers that his breakfast has ‘done a runner’, he looks closer to home for alternative ingredients. Elsewhere, Doctor Dolittle and his animals stumble upon the rarest animal of all – the Pushmi-Pullyu – a remarkable creature with two heads. They pick its brains, both of them, in an attempt to find out where the monkeys are located (COMPROMISE).

The doctor and his crew arrive at the monkeys just in time, moments before the Chief gives up the fight and goes to monkey heaven. The vaccination process begins.

Meanwhile, the villagers of Puddleby-on-the-Marsh are reflecting on a tragedy of their own – the unfortunate death from septicaemia of Mrs Parker.

Back in the jungle, it’s party time as the monkeys celebrate their survival and thank Doctor Dolittle, the most incredible animal doctor the world has ever seen (MONKEY MAYHEM).  

Script Samples

Sample 1

Sample 2


Character List

The Dolittle Crew Monkeys Jolliginkis Others
Doctor Dolittle Bongo King Jolli Farmer Palmer
Chee Chee Bruno Queen Ermintrude Horse
Cluck Chief Prince Bumpo Mrs Marsh
Dab Dab Gong Princess Jemba Mrs Parker
Gub Gub Rango Glock Parson Green
Jip Rascal Guard One Professor Bright
Polynesia Timpani Guard Two Pushmi-Pullyu
Prickle Additional Poorly Monkeys   Sarah Dolittle
Too Too     Squire Jenkins
      Witch Doctor

Song Samples

Title Listen
There’s Something Wrong With The Monkeys
The Best MD In Puddleby
Learn The Language
Doctor Dolittle
A Balanced Diet
One World Together
Not Having Me For Their Tea
Monkey Mayhem


A wonderful adventure, great fun and incredibly catchy songs.

Danica Pickett, Principal, Stagecoach Theatre Arts School, Fleet

Perfectly pitched, the children are going to LOVE it!

Michael Lyons, Alton Convent School, Hampshire

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