Sherlock & Cinders - Primary
  • Sherlock & Cinders - Primary
  • Sherlock & Cinders - Primary

Sherlock & Cinders - Primary

By Tom Kirkham and Matthew Crossey

Ages 9 - 13+

Duration 65 mins
Speaking Roles 37
Cast Size 25-60+
Ideal Cast Size 50

Join Holmes and Watson as they answer the prince’s summons and conduct their most challenging investigation yet - to find the foot that fits the glass slipper. But with a spiteful stepmother and two ugly sisters on the scene, as well as a father bemoaning the theft of his prize-pumpkin, locating Cinderella is not their only problem.

Bringing together two of literature's most-loved characters, ‘Sherlock & Cinders’ is an ensemble piece ideal for 9-13 year olds, with nine toe-tapping new songs, laughs by the coachload and pumpkins by the ... well, just one actually. 

Scroll down to the tabs below to listen to song clips, read the synopsis and script samples, and to view character information.

For a little extra, the editable Word.doc of the script can also be purchased when the main pack and a performance licence are bought, making it easy to adapt and adjust as you need to.

A complimentary digital abridged version of the show is available upon request. 

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Buying Options


Book & CD: Book includes full script, character list, curriculum-linked material, sheet music and lyrics. CD includes all songs recorded with children’s voices and full backing tracks.

Book & Digital Downloads: Book as above, with digital downloads that include MP3s of all of the songs and backing tracks, plus a PDF version of the full book. Where available, a complimentary pdf version of the abridged script is also included.


Primary Age Performance Licence: You need a performance licence to perform our show to anyone other than children and staff. Our primary age licences are simple - one price allows you to perform the show as many times as you like for a whole year. If you are a secondary school or your cast is 11+, please visit the Sherlock & Cinders - Secondary

Filming/Streaming Licence: If you plan to film your performance and manufacture DVDs for distribution, stream content on an internet site or on social media, you will also need to purchase this licence.


The EDITABLE VERSION of the script in WORD format is not available as a stand-alone purchase. However, it can be purchased alongside one of the Pack options when a performance or filming/streaming licence is also purchased. It is an additional item (script only, no music or production information) and is not a substitute for the main resource.


Centuries after they first appeared, Cinderella and Sherlock Holmes remain two of the most popular fictional characters in the world of literature and entertainment. So, what could be more fun than to throw them together in a mash-up of worlds and genres whilst remaining true to the personalities of the characters themselves? In ‘Sherlock and Cinders’, we skip through the story that everyone knows and explore the story that nobody knows. And what a silly but endearing story it is. We hope that the children – and yes, even the adults – will find lots to enjoy in it. From the slapstick to the surreal, the punny to the poignant, there is something here for everyone. Even a happy ending … well, for some of the characters.  


Our tale begins with poor Cinderella left alone at home, only to be scooped up and whisked off to the Ball by her Fairy Godmother. There she meets the Prince, falls in love, forgets the time and rushes from the castle at midnight, leaving behind a single glass slipper (A CINDERELLA STORY).

Days later, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson are visited by Inspector Lestrade and presented with an intriguing case – the mysterious disappearance of an unknown woman. Without a moment’s hesitation, Sherlock takes the case and he and Watson make their way through the streets of London to Savile Row (CALL SHERLOCK).

On Savile Row, they enter ‘Boutons and Boutons’ tailors and seek disguises from flamboyant Frenchman Monsieur Boutons and his costumiers (DRESS TO EXCESS). By the end of the song, Holmes is dressed as a Duke, and Watson as a female cook.

At Charming Castle, Prince Charming hears news from the major-domo that the ‘foot search’ has thus far proved fruitless. Holmes and Watson arrive in their disguises and are welcomed in by the King, especially because Holmes hints that he might be able to find a marriage partner for the King’s rebellious daughter, Arabella.

Meanwhile, Cinderella, isolated and ridiculed by her stepsisters, dreams of what might have been (TRYING TO SMILE). Then her father enters bemoaning the theft of his prize pumpkin. Knowing it was turned into a coach to take her to the Ball, Cinderella runs from the room in shame.

Holmes is in the castle grounds, looking for clues. He finds a mouse and a piece of pumpkin which he pockets, telling Watson that both are part of the jigsaw. Meanwhile, Cinderella and the Prince, separately, reflect on their current conundrum (WAITING FOR MY LIFE TO CHANGE).

The ugly sisters, Imelza and Bellona, are clawing at each other as usual (UGLY). They mock Cinderella, calling her a lazy little thief, but she does at least overhear them discussing the glass slipper and the Prince’s quest. Meanwhile, Narcissa (Cinderella’s stepmother) reveals to her lady’s maid a replica pair of slippers, much larger but otherwise identical to the actual glass slipper (IF THE SHOE FITS).

Unbeknown to Narcissa, the major-domo is already in the house and the ugly sisters are trying to force their feet into the tiny slipper. When they fail and storm out, Narcissa sneaks down and replaces the real slipper for the bigger alternative, unaware that her daughters have already failed with the real one. Cinderella stumbles upon the larger slipper and is given the chance to try it on by the major-domo, only to despair at it being far too big for her.

The major-domo heads to the market (ALL THE PEOPLE) and offers any maidens a chance to try on the (now fake) glass slipper. Even Watson, still disguised as a female cook, is given the chance. Lo and behold, it fits! Watson, caught up in the euphoria of the moment, agrees that he will indeed marry the Prince.

At Charming Castle, Holmes is grilling the Prince on the events at midnight when Watson enters, carried aloft by a cheering crowd. Honouring his pledge, the Prince gets down on one knee and is about to propose marriage when Holmes steps in. He reveals his, not to mention Watson’s, true identity, and asks to see the slipper that somehow managed to fit Watson’s manly foot. He realises it is a fake, and the whole royal household follow him from the castle as he starts to pull all the threads together.

At Cinderella’s house, her father sees Holmes, Watson and the Charmings walking up their garden path. Narcissa drags Cinderella to her attic room and locks her in, unwilling for her to be seen. But Holmes gets the measure of her straight away, and before long Cinderella is rescued by Watson, the real glass slippers are located, and the Prince is on one knee once again. This time, in front of his one true love (SHERLOCK SAVES THE DAY).

Script Samples

 Act One, Scene Three - Script Sample

 Act Two, Scene Two - Script Sample

CinderellaSherlock HomesKing CharmingMonsieur BoutonsCoachment
NarcissaDoctor WatsonQueen CharmingRupert DarningFootmen
BellonaMrs HudsonPrince CharmingBethany ThimbleHorses
ImelzaInspector LestradePrincess ArabellaEddie SeamsGuests At The Ball
FatherSergeant BucketMajor-domoJenna YarnCitizens of London
Lady's MaidSergeant SpadeAttendant 1Additional CostumiersCitizens of Aramour
Fairy GodmotherPC WorldAttendant 2 Market Vendors 1-8
 Additional Police OfficersButler (Virgil)  
  Gardener Sid  
  Gardener Petey  
  Gardener Mary  
  Additional Household Staff/Gardeners  

Song Samples

1. A Cinderella Story
2. Call Sherlock
3. Dress To Excess
4. Trying To Smile
5. Waiting For My Life To Change
6. Ugly 
7. If The Shoe Fits
8. All The People
9. Sherlock Saves The Day
10. A Cinderella Story (Reprise)


Customer Reviews

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Quick delivery. Great product.

Fantastic fun!

We have recently done Sherlock and Cinders for our Year 6 production and it was fantastic. We had so much fun with the hilarious script and brilliant songs. The children cannot stop singing the songs as they are so catchy! I would do it all over again if I could. I would thoroughly recommend it!

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In stock. Dispatched within 24 hours

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