15 Brilliant School Nativity Ideas

By Phillipa Pearne

As the famous Andy Williams Christmas song goes, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year...” – go on, we dare you to name a person who doesn’t agree! But for teachers like you, the big festive cherry on top is knowing that you have produced a top-notch nativity for everyone to enjoy before the end of (a very long...) term. As Christmas edges closer, we know the pressure is on you to find the perfect nativity for your class or school. But never fear, The School Musicals Company is here! We’ve put together this handy nativity guide just for you; from tips on how to choose the right play, to advice about the best way to rehearse and stage it (with a few of our own nativity suggestions thrown in just to make life even easier – you’re welcome!) Allow us to help relieve your nativity worries so that you too can join in with the festivities, stress-free!


Find ‘the one’

There are generally two different types of nativity ‘routes’ to go down, so the first thing to do is choose which one you think would best suit the children performing yours. Are you going to choose a more traditional play? Or would you prefer to do one where the story of the nativity is just used as a base line and new characters and fresh perspectives are added in? Once you have chosen your type, you can then decide on the length, the amount of dialogue and narration, and how challenging you feel the songs should be, depending on which age bracket you’re working with.


Become an expert in staging


Let’s face it, parents, grandparents and guardians have heard the story of the nativity around a hundred times – maybe more - so it’s safe to say there won’t exactly be any spoilers! What they really want to see is their child or grandchild performing and singing their heart out. So, staging your nativity and dividing it up fairly is just as important as choosing the right play – after all, no teacher likes an upset parent. Here are some top staging tips for your school nativity.

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Make rehearsals fun again

Rehearsing is all part of the fun – it’s a great bonding experience for the children and a great way to teach them the story and message of the nativity. After all, once you’ve performed the nativity, you’re very unlikely to forget it. Here’s how to utilise precious rehearsal time and, most importantly, make it enjoyable for everyone involved.


Make a list (and check it twice...)

To ensure everyone enjoys themselves (yes, including you) here is your final checklist:

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