What makes “Pantastic” completely fantastic?


As a leavers musical, there cannot be many to rival Pantastic for sheer joie de vivre. Tom Kirkham and Matthew Crossey’s exhilarating adaptation of the adventures of Peter Pan, Captain Hook, the Lost Boys and Tiger Lily has been delighting schools and youth theatres all over Europe since its publication in 2016.

So, what’s the secret? What makes it such a great leavers musical, and why do children, in particular, love it so much?

Well, the source material isn’t bad, for a start! In Neverland, J.M. Barrie created the most wonderful setting imaginable, an enchanting island full of pirates, natives and children who never grow up. Which child wouldn’t welcome the chance to bring this to life this on stage?

Then there’s the music: eleven of the catchiest songs imaginable, but hugely eclectic in style and brilliant fun to sing. What’s more, they drive the action forwards and spread out the opportunities to sing amongst all of the cast.

Finally, there’s the script, a seamless blend of humour and drama which stays true to the spirit of Barrie’s original whilst telling a gripping, uplifting yet ultimately poignant tale, with an array of memorable characters divided up into three distinct groups for ease of rehearsing.

Leaving Primary School is an important moment in a child’s life. For many, it will mean saying goodbye to friends and leaving behind a world where they have felt nurtured, cherished and safe. But it will also mean venturing forth, charting a new course, braving new experiences. If any leavers musical captures the essence of this in a one hour piece of musical theatre, it can only be Pantastic.

5***** - Teaching Drama Magazine

“The music was just the best that I have ever heard on any production” - Sara Forster, Music Leader, Barley Fields Primary School

“I think they’re brilliant” – Sarah Lambie, Editor, Teaching Drama Magazine

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