SONGS FOR PEACE - 100% discount with code PEACE100

SONGS FOR PEACE - 100% discount with code PEACE100

With the conflict in Ukraine very much in our thoughts, our Songs For Peace download pack contains two songs of peace and togetherness, ideal for assemblies and as teaching tools. 


'Peace Prayer' by Niki Davies explores how love, hope and prayer can be placed at the centre of our lives as we try to encourage peace across the world. A beautiful and poignant song. 

'If We Work Together' reminds us of the incredible value of working alongside each other, supporting each other and being unified. An uplifting and rousing song. 

Each pack comprises the song, backing track, sheet music and lyrics. 

This Songs For Peace pack is only available as a digital download, currently available at 100% discount with code PEACE100

Please log all the songs you sing on your CCLI return. See link below for further information: 

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Peace Prayer
If We Work Together


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