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  • You, Me & PSHE - Assemblies & Songs
  • You, Me & PSHE - Assemblies & Songs

You, Me & PSHE - Assemblies & Songs

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Currently available from just £6.95 (plus standard postage and packaging).

15 Inspiring Assemblies, 15 Brilliant Songs.

Accessible, interactive, fun, dynamic. And that’s just the assemblies. Throw in 15 fantastic songs, and it’s a winning combination for any teacher or head teacher who regularly needs a great assembly at relatively short notice.

Covering themes such as building friendships, celebrating diversity and embracing the school community, ‘You, Me & PSHE’ provides a one-stop solution, with each assembly and each song perfectly suited for delivery on any day of the school year.

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Please log all of the songs you sing on your CCLI return. For further information, see our handy step-by-step guide: Registering song use with CCLI  

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At their best, assemblies can be exciting, meaningful, thought-provoking and memorable. But, as any busy head teacher or teacher will testify, the process of creating them can be challenging and time-consuming. “You, Me & PSHE” provides fifteen simple but stimulating assemblies supported by fifteen wonderful, original songs. Covering themes such as the school community, giving thanks, taking pride in our work, building friendships, celebrating differences and seeking support, each assembly and its accompanying song has been conceived so that it can be delivered on each and every day of the school year, with minimum preparation time and minimal fuss.

Each assembly has a clear objective, needs little preparation, and centres around a particular story, activity or concept. Each song can be sung with or without the supporting vocals on the CD, or played on the piano from the simply-arranged sheet music at the back of the book. Of course, each assembly could also be delivered without the song; similarly, each song without the assembly.

Sample Script/Assemblies

Our School, Our Community

Growing Pains

Song Samples

Thank You For A Million Brilliant Things
Our School, Our Community
Proud Of Our School
Our Wonderful World
Peace Prayer
Great Day
Our Magic Fantastic School
Who Is There For You?
Thank You God For This Brand New Day
Growing Pains
The Best That I Can Be
My Voice
Giving It A Spin
Build A Friendship
Living In Harmony


Customer Reviews

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A Truly FAB Resource

Review From Instagram

missashmoreteaches Just had to share how good this resource is! @theschoolmusicalscompany have created this assembly and lesson resource pack that all link to Health, Difference and Celebrating Diversity and our Community. It comes with a CD full of insanely catchy songs too 🤣 my assembly for term 3 is now one and truly sorted! Not an ad, just sharing a truly fab and inexpensive resource 👍🏻 #teacher #teachers #iteachtoo #education #teachersofig #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #theschoolmusicalscompany #pshe #healthandwellbeing #assemblypractice

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