Springtime For School Musicals

The Summer Term has long been the home of school musicals, a fantastic way to end the school year on a real high.

But increasingly, schools are recognising that the Spring Term presents an equally enticing option to stage a brilliant musical. After all, what’s not to like? School musicals generate their own momentum, they excite and engage, they unify and motivate, and create a wonderful focus for pupils and teachers alike.

It’s the perfect length term: a few weeks to choose the musical, undertake the auditions and cast the play, followed by a half-term holiday to assist with line-learning. Then, with the days getting warmer and the nights getting shorter, it’s back to school for the final few weeks of rehearsals and the big finish.

And it’s a myth that great school musicals equate to a stressed school teacher. With our shows crafted to make rehearsals easy, the staging a doddle and the songs a breeze, the whole process can be enjoyable and meaningful without leading the teachers towards the nearest bottle of Gordon’s.

Unconvinced? Browse our books, listen to our songs, and give it a go.

Our Musicals

Or watch what other teachers have said about the process of putting on our plays:

What Teachers Say

Putting on a show may be just what you need to stop you counting down the weeks …

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