KS2 Assembly Songs

KS2 assembly songs are a staple for any junior school assembly. Junior school songs energise the entire room, bringing students together and teaching important lessons in a fun and meaningful way.

Our passionate team have composed a collection of wonderful junior school assembly songs that are quick and enjoyable for students to learn. Our junior school songs celebrate global events and explore key topics that support the KS2 PSHE curriculum.

Explore our collection of KS2 assembly songs below, and don’t forget that we provide song clips for all of our junior school songs so you can give them all a listen!

Top 10 KS2 Assembly Songs

1. ‘Spread A Little Bit Of Sunshine’ by Tom Kirkham and Matthew Crossey - An upbeat song that will help to kickstart the school day in a positive way and leave everyone in the room feeling happy and inspired.

2. ‘Leaving On A High’ by Matthew Crossey and Tom Kirkham - This KS2 assembly song will create lifelong memories for Year 6 leavers who are saying goodbye to junior school. It’s a wonderful celebration of the memories created and relationships forged at school, and can be included in leavers musicals or assemblies.

3. ‘Why We Need A Friend’ by Tom Kirkham and Matthew Crossey - An important song that highlights the importance of leaning on friendship when you’re feeling low.

4. ‘Thank You For A Million Brilliant Things’ by Matthew Crossey and Tom Kirkham - The importance of giving thanks is a key message to spread in junior school. This song works wonderfully in assemblies year round, but especially in end of term and leavers assemblies.

5. ‘Flower Power’ by Niki Davies - This is an incredibly charming junior school assembly song that’s ideal for welcoming spring and celebrating the joy of new life.

6. ‘What The Harvest Brings’ by Niki Davies, Matthew Crossey and Tom Kirkham - A wonderful and lively song that celebrates the harvest and highlights how important it is to not be wasteful.

7. ‘Spreading Christmas Cheer’ by Matthew Crossey and Tom Kirkham - This junior school song will undoubtedly get the whole school community excited for Christmas and is one that KS2 students love to sing.

8. ‘The Best That I Can Be’ by Tom Kirkham and Matthew Crossey - An emotive song with a powerful message that will stay with the students about being the best version of yourself.

9. ‘Our School, Our Community’ by Niki Davies - This energetic junior school song helps to bring everyone together and recognises everyone’s part in the school community.

10. ‘Behind Every Door’ by Tom Kirkham and Matthew Crossey - A magical Christmas song that sounds incredible sung en masse, ‘Behind Every Door’ is from our ‘The Amazing Advent Calendar’ Christmas musical and can be enjoyed in any type of Christmas assembly or nativity.

Choosing Your Junior School Assembly Songs

Our junior school songs come with all the resources you need to organise a fantastic assembly with ease. With each pack, you’ll receive high quality vocal tracks, brilliant backing tracks, lyric sheets and sheet music. This will help both students and musicians to learn the songs quickly.

Our PSHE songbooks offer complete assemblies focusing on a particular story, activity or concept. Each assembly has a clear objective and great KS2 assembly songs to complement. This provides an opportunity for teachers to put together an interactive, fun and educational assembly at short notice.

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