Sing It... But Don't Shout It

 As if schools being closed and communities being in lockdown wasn’t enough, the idea of finally returning to school but not being allowed to sing would have been heart-breaking to many children and teachers across the country. So, with the updated publication of the government’s “Guidance for full opening: schools” (see link below), many will be breathing a sigh of relief that music and singing can return to their rightful place at the heart of the school community.

Of course, as with so many areas of current school life, the risks will need to be managed, but the opportunity, at least, is there. With that in mind, we’ve put together a Top Ten Singing/Performance Suggestions that will help you to decide how best to proceed.


  1. Sing in small groups when possible.
  2. Focus on quality of sound, pitch and tone rather than volume.
  3. Avoid shouting or chanting.
  4. Ensure good ventilation of the room and plan breaks between each session.
  5. Keep sessions short, focusing on quality rather than quantity.
  6. Position children side by side rather than face to face – lines rather than a circle.
  7. Maintain distance between singers as much as possible.
  8. Sing outdoors if feasible (and warm enough!)
  9. Project lyrics onto whiteboards.
  10. When learning a song/s, spend time listening to the demo rather than learning line by line.

We are all getting very good at adapting to the constantly changing 'normal'. Sometimes it may take some creativity and a lot of persistence, but (especially in the case of singing) it is absolutely worth it!

Click on the links below for the full outline on current guidance.


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