11 Christmas Assembly Ideas For Primary School

 child hanging decorations for christmas assembly

 By Philippa Pearne and Tom Kirkham

For many primary school children, Christmas is the most exciting and magical time of year. From counting down the days on their advent calendars, to praying every single night for the gift of a white Christmas (*crosses fingers for 2021*), it’s a time for joy and education in equal measure. So how do you get the right balance for your Christmas assembly? Read on and we’ll tell you. Whether you want to put a spin on a whole primary school nativity or sing some truly brilliant festive songs, here are some unforgettable Christmas assembly ideas for primary school.


Get Creative

romanian children at christmas

A Christmas assembly can be the most wonderful of occasions, brimming with anticipation and seasonal goodwill. In terms of content, anything festive goes really, but here are some creative Christmas assembly ideas to get you started.


Traditional Or With A Twist?

children in Christmas assembly nativity

Everyone knows the story, but not everyone’s heard your version. Here are a few ways to put your own spin on the nativity for your Christmas assembly.


Socially Distanced Christmas Assembly Ideas

child in snow preparing for Christmas assembly

Who knows what the social distancing rules will be by Christmas 2021 (anyone for a brick wall?) but just in case yet another curve ball is thrown, we’ve got a few ideas to still allow your Christmas assembly to go ahead.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of Christmas assembly ideas for primary school and that you’re feeling well and truly in the festive spirit! Christmas is a special time of year for everyone, particularly children, so a few fun and exciting Christmas assembly ideas will always go down a treat.

For more creative and seasonal assembly ideas, please explore the rest of our blog.


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